Mathnasium is a group of people bound by a desire to help each other to earn the livelihood they deserve while making a difference. We are a community comprised of hundreds of franchisees, thousands of instructors and a Home Office team – all supporting one another to succeed. When a group of exceptional people is united by the same goal and the same values, they have the power to change their own lives, and the lives of others, for the better.

With a Mathnasium franchise you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself.

Home Office Team & Franchise Development Team

Our corporate team consists of business leaders and education innovators. Some came from within our own franchise system. They know, first-hand, what each franchisee experiences, and many of them are placed globally to work with you in your region.

  • Peter Markovitz Peter Markovitz Founder and Chief Executive Officer

    Peter is one of the world’s leading franchising and education services executives. Over the years, he has led global companies that have operated in more than 70 countries. A visionary leader with true, time-tested industry knowledge and a keen passion for education, Peter drives Mathnasium’s strategic direction and long-term growth.

  • David Ullendorff David Ullendorff Founder and President

    A pioneer in children’s education, David began his 30-year career working for Sesame Street. Before leading product development at Mathnasium, he was the architect of the world’s first definitive computer literacy curriculum for children, used to teach millions of children in 72 countries.

  • Larry Martinek Larry Martinek Founder and Chief Instructional Officer

    An education professional for over 35 years, Larry has devoted his entire career to finding a better way to teach and learn math. As the originator of the Mathnasium Method™—the most comprehensive and innovative math curriculum ever produced—he inspires thousands of Mathnasium franchisees and instructors. Larry’s life’s work has positively impacted millions of children and families worldwide by bringing them a fresh perspective on math.

  • Shant Assarian Shant Assarian Chief Operating Officer & Treasurer

    Shant is one of a handful of U.S. executives to successfully manage the transformation of a franchise company from early stage to market leader. He gained diverse experience early in his career working with major companies for Grant Thornton, an international leader in advisory, auditing and other financial services. He holds an MBA from the University of Southern California and is a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Tracy Cramer Tracy Cramer General Counsel & Secretary

    An expert in franchising law and an accomplished executive, Tracy protects the Mathnasium brand and promotes the development of the Mathnasium team. A member of the California bar, she came to Mathnasium after working at a highly respected Los Angeles law firm.

  • Jennifer Nicholls Dr. Jennifer Nicholls Vice President of Learning Center Systems & Training

    After an impressive 20-year naval career, Jennifer originally joined the Mathnasium family as a franchisee, operating two successful learning centers. Armed with a Ph.D. and two engineering degrees, she is now responsible for engineering the evolution of the world’s best math education method.

  • Jason Condello Vice President of Technology

    Jason Condello, Vice President of Technology, comes to Mathnasium with 18 years of experience in technology as both a software engineer (developing and implementing strategies for web, client/server, and mobile) and as a strategic leader. Over the years, he honed his skills and expertise working at companies such as Prudential Financial, Network Global Logistics, and Automated Systems. He holds a bachelor’s degree in information technology from the University of Nebraska – Omaha, and an MBA, with a concentration in finance, from California State University – Dominguez Hills.

  • Julian Hollingshead Julian Hollingshead Vice President of Marketing
  • Janet Riley, CPLP Vice President of People

    Janet is a Certified Professional in Learning and Performance (CPLP) who has over 20 years of corporate training management experience as well as experience in sales, business development, marketing, video production and communications.  Janet has led training at companies such as Delta Air Lines, Disney Parks and Resorts and New Horizons Computer Learning Centers, another franchisor of education services.  Janet’s broad experience will help Mathnasium continue to expand and improve all aspects of employee and franchisee training.

  • Elizabeth Lyons Elizabeth Lyons Senior Director of Area Development

    Once a long-time Mathnasium franchisee, Elizabeth rose to prominence because of her learning center’s outstanding performance and reputation for quality. She leverages her intimate, first-hand knowledge about Mathnasium business operations and educational methodology as she oversees Mathnasium’s franchisee training and centralized support initiatives.

  • Nathaniel Erwin Nathaniel Erwin Director of Franchise Business Systems

    With skills and expertise gained in the field managing day-to-day operations at a Mathnasium Learning Center, Nathaniel represents a new generation of homegrown Mathnasium executives. He now leads the development of franchise systems used in Mathnasium centers worldwide. Nathaniel is a graduate of Cornell University, with a Degree in Engineering.

  • Terrence Gardiner Terrence Gardiner, B.S., CPA Controller

    Terrence joined Mathnasium in April 2012 when he was named Controller. Prior to joining Mathnasium, he was an auditor at Grant Thornton, LLP in Los Angeles, CA from 2004 until 2012. Terrence graduated from the University of Southern California with a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting and is a Certified Public Accountant.

  • Laura Klippel Mathnasium Laura Klippel Franchise Business Development Representative

    After a successful 3 years in support of our Mathnasium Company Operated portfolio, we are happy to have Laura join us in support of our franchise development team. Laura brings advanced organizational and administrative experience with her to the team, and is a great asset as the initial contact with new franchisees during their onboarding experience.

  • Steve Tanaka Steve Tanaka Executive Director of Franchise Development

    Steve came to Mathnasium with 20 years of experience in franchise development, having represented leading names in the real estate, hotel and tax industries. A staunch believer in the transformative power of education, he introduces aspiring entrepreneurs to Mathnasium’s rewarding business opportunity and cultivates them into motivated franchisees.

  • Courtnei Evans Courtnei Evans Executive Director of Franchise Development

    A trusted and valued member of the Mathnasium team, Courtnei enthusiastically and professionally works with prospective franchisees. Aiming to help franchisees bridge the gap between their current dreams and future goals, she leverages her extensive background in sales leadership to quickly match aspirations with opportunities.

  • Chris Gehr Executive Director of Franchise Development

    Chris Gehr comes to Mathnasium with a solid 25-year career in franchise development, sales and marketing. Throughout his successful career, Chris has excelled in positions in both the franchise and insurance industries. He leverages proven expertise as he inspires qualified, prospective franchisees to harness their entrepreneurial spark and become Mathnasium center owners.

  • Chris Davenport Chris Davenport, CFE Executive Director of Franchise Development

    Chris brings over 15 years of experience in sales, marketing, and business development. A graduate from the University of Kansas, Chris is poised to contribute extensively to Mathnasium’s growth leveraging his exceptional resume and vast franchising knowledge in helping entrepreneurs realize their dreams.

  • Victor DeSio, CFE Executive Director of Franchise Development

    Vic is a Certified Franchise Executive “CFE” with an MBA from San Diego State University and has a proven track record of over 20 years’ experience in all aspects of franchising including, development, operations and support.  Vic’s experience as both franchisee and corporate executive with great franchise brands such as Mail Boxes Etc. (now The UPS Store) and Jenny Craig provide a unique perspective and understanding of the process new Mathnasium candidates are going through when looking for a franchise opportunity that will help them achieve both their personal and professional goals and desires.

  • Scott McDaniel Director, International Franchise Development

    Scott joined Mathnasium bringing over 19 years’ experience in the education and franchising fields. He has lived and worked for international brands on four continents, while developing partnerships across the globe. After seeing both sides of a franchise organization, having worked for franchisor HQ and multiple franchisees, he thoroughly enjoys helping individuals and organizations see the value (emotional and monetary) of owning an education business. He holds an MBA from Singapore Management University.


Mathnasium franchisees

There is no franchise community like ours. The humility, compassion, knowledge and dedication of our franchisees contribute to making the Mathnasium vision a reality. As you build your business, you will work alongside people that have been there before and are happy to help you navigate any challenge. Together we are a part of something greater, working to create a brighter future one child at a time.

From decision to open. Watch the story of these four Mathnasium entrepreneurs.



Mathnasium Instructors

More than instructors, these people serve as mentors and life changers. These individuals see the potential in every child and passionately work to increase their confidence and opportunities for success.


Mathansium Children

Children are a gift. Working with children adds meaning to our lives. And no child is unteachable. Underneath the frustration and confusion is the desire to learn. To witness that moment when everything just clicks, their smile and a renewed sense of self worth – it becomes apparent.

How to make a living making a difference.

You’ve reached a point in your career where you’re ready for a change – a big change – something new, something different, something you can call your own. But what does that opportunity look like?

With a Mathnasium franchise, the opportunity is crystal clear: you’ll be in the business of changing lives, one child at a time.

Your days will be spent creating relationships in your community – with schools, with parents, with the students who will visit your centers, and with your own employees. You’ll work to find the best people for the job, mentoring and overseeing them to ensure every child gets the attention they need and deserve.

Updating parents on their children’s progress and experiencing the energy of an environment where kids have aha moments and feel better about themselves is like nothing else. Compared to other franchise opportunities – including those in the supplemental education industry – Mathnasium has created a business model that stands alone in efficiencies and rewards.