The master franchising concept is different from the typical franchisee model, and it is far more exclusive. A master franchisee is essentially a mini-franchisor for a particular territory. In most franchise systems, a master franchisee owns and operates only a small number of units directly. Instead, they find individual franchisees to purchase and run the licensed business throughout their territory. In return for recruiting, training, and supporting these franchisees, the master franchisee receives a significant fee for each new unit opened and ongoing royalties for the revenue each unit produces.

Master franchisee opportunities are seldom available. There are very few top franchises offering this type of opportunity, and most that do are older companies that expanded internationally years ago. The Mathnasium master franchise opportunity is uniquely desirable because of its tremendous earning potential and relatively low cost of entry.

Very few opportunities deliver the prestige, earning potential, and ability to help children as being a Mathnasium master franchisee.