I am writing from Mathnasium Learning Centers to discuss a unique and exclusive business opportunity.

As we grow in our careers, there is often a point when we realize ‘why am I still working for another entity?’, or ‘why don’t I build my own legacy with my own business?’.

For many people, this means a change for the better and commencing a company that provides more meaning to their career. For the lucky few, like you and us, we are already in a field that provides ample meaning educating children or adults. The only obstacle(s) is(are) determining which area of education to start, building the business concept, securing financing, launching the operation, responding to the demands of customers, and finally succeeding with happy clients and a profitable business. Only to then consider scaling the business larger, reaching more individuals, and finally achieving a legacy in the community.

What if many of the steps above were already done, and you only had to implement a proven concept in your country. In a sense, leveraging your learned skills as a business professional yet reaping the benefits of success unlike before. We believe this is possible via exclusive rights for a proven franchise brand. We know it is possible from the numerous positive testimonies of our franchise partners globally, many of which left their careers to start building their legacy through a children’s education business.

We are reaching out to you as a recognized individual in the education industry. If this sounds interesting, please read on.

Mathnasium – a global franchisor of children’s mathematics after-school learning centers (primarily ages 6-16) – is exploring expansion into a limited set of countries.

As you may be aware, the need for children to develop effective mathematics skills (along with reading & writing) is paramount to lifelong success. With the continued development of Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (STEM) industries; students must progress their math skills to secure these types of careers. Due to this, we are seeing continued efforts across many Ministries of Education to advance their respective education systems. While there are a few countries indeed improving, (as seen by various international testing results like PISA & TIMSS), unfortunately, most countries are witnessing a slow decline in the overall performance of children on standardized math tests.

We deeply believe in a human to human methodology of learning that complements what students learn at school yet delivers this in a manner that allows the child to build on knowledge they already possess. Ultimately, creating a student that is better prepared to be a critical thinker and problem solver, not just a rote memorizer of facts. Our model is well documented and proven as seen by the enormous number of parent’s and students’ positive reviews online.

We now have over 1,000 learning centers globally, this effort collectively achieved by a group of franchise partners, thus enabling us to achieve superior rankings as a franchise business. We are honored to be currently ranked #40 in the 2019 Entrepreneur Franchise 500 and #1 in the 2018 Franchise Gator Top 100.

As Mathnasium evolves, we wish to expand our worldwide network and are looking for the right franchise partners to operate an exclusive franchise in your market.

In our research, we have noted you are involved in the education industry and would like to discuss the possibility of you, or other industry contacts you believe may be interested, becoming a Mathnasium franchisee. Kindly also note, we recognize you may stay very committed to your current organization, perhaps that organization would be interested in developing the Mathnasium brand. Corporate franchise partners are also common in our global network.

If you would prefer greater detail, you may download our company prospectus on the right-hand side.

If you would like to discuss, email me at scott.mcdaniel@mathnasium.com, or call me at +65 9144 1412 (Singapore number).


Scott McDaniel
Director, International Franchise Development