In 2002 we had just one Mathnasium center in Los Angeles, California. Today we are teaching children in communities and in countries around the world, providing neighborhood environments where humanity combines with math expertise.

Our Mission

Help every child understand – and master – math.  It will change their world.

From 1 center to over 1,000 Mathnasium centers in 2019

We’ve taken the market by storm.

Mathnasium’s rapid growth in the child tutoring industry has surpassed expectation. We did this with a unique focus on math education. Our success is the result of doing one thing and doing it the right way.

And we have barely begun. We are committed to opening a Mathnasium center in every neighborhood we can – everywhere in the world. Others call this market penetration and market domination. We call it changing the world. That’s because what we do is necessary and important. And because so many children need our help.

We’re in the business of making a difference that matters.

Choose great people as instructors and empower them with the best teaching method – that’s our formula for success. But we aren’t just in the business of boosting grades. We break down barriers to build confidence and self-esteem. Every day, we witness another child freeing themselves from constant confusion with numbers, and one more family alleviating the frustrations of nightly homework challenges. Transforming a child’s attitude toward math is key to transforming a child’s capability. And with increased capability a world of opportunity opens up to a child.

The joy of changing childrens lives

The joy of changing children’s lives

We believe children need the human connection.

No matter how advanced technology becomes, the human being remains the ultimate teaching technology. That’s because there is no replacement for the emotional support, encouragement and sensitivity that make children thrive. They need us to believe in them. Just like adults, children yearn to be treated with dignity, respect and patience.

What alternatives do parents have to Mathnasium?

When asked, parents don’t know where to find math instruction for their children. Even if they do know of a tutoring place, it’s not likely one their child would willingly attend or benefit from significantly. The fact is, many parents, or their friends, have had a disappointing experience with a learning center. This isn’t a surprise considering most of these centers operate with a curriculum of up to 20 subjects spanning 12 different levels! This makes it nearly impossible to teach any one subject really well.

Why Math Matters More Than You Think

Global Math test scores are relatively constant, but university entrance score requirements keep going up – especially in math. As the basis for in-demand industries like bioengineering, genetics and computer science, high math scores are crucial. Math proficiency is considered to be the foundation and predictor of success in the sciences and when students don’t measure up, universities are more than willing to accept other students that do.

The Education Gap with Schools and Universities

When traditional school instruction does not improve and university entrance standards become increasingly competitive, it creates a gap that traps far too many students.

Today, those who don’t excel in math find themselves barred from better universities – even though they intend to prepare for a non-science career. They can’t prepare for law, journalism, teaching, or whatever field they may be interested in pursuing, because universities require high math scores for acceptance, regardless of a student’s major.